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OUR PRODUCTS » "Pici" handmade

"Pici" are a type of hand-made pasta, similar to spaghetti but larger, typical of southern Tuscany, Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana and the Province of Siena. Their recipe is extremely simple: water, flour and very few (if any) eggs.
The preparation consists to "appiciare", that is work the dough by hand to create a long and bodied spaghetto. The seasonings classic are "aglione" (a tasty tomato sauce and of garlic), the sauce of "nana" (ie duck or, more precisely, as dictated by the original recipe, germane), the sauce of meat or the so-called "at the crumbs", with bread crumbs lightly fried or even fried in plenty of extra virgin olive oil.
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